Cebu Marriott Cocktails

Name of Business: Cebu City Marriott
Location: Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City
Type of Food: International Buffet, cocktails
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: Modern and best for Fine Dining too. Very cozy.
Contact: +63 32 411-5800
Zomato: Yes

Cebu Food Blogger: To all my fellow readers and foodies online, I have a special treat for you courtesy of Cebu City Marriott. It could be that you have stumbled to this blog post, or GOOGLE brought you here, or Facebook referred you in, or could be you had a massage and spa experience and you got a surprise to have a good treat for your tummy! Whatever it is, consider yourself as LUCKY!

We had the chance to create our own cocktails (DIY) at the Great Room

Below are the basic amenities and comfort lounges of Cebu City Marriott where you can avail a special discounted rate because you read this blog. Again, because you are reading this BLOG POST! Let me call it a Special Blogger Rate that I can pass on to you! Yes, I’m that CONFIDENT to give you a discount. All you need is SHOW this blog post before asking your “bill” when you dine.

However, I would strongly advise to call them for a reservation. But walk-ins are definitely welcome and will still be accommodated. Here’s the no. to call: +63 32 411-5800

Find out what are these special discounts that you can enjoy as my reader.  Please note, this offering is only valid until March 31, 2017. So put that in mind and schedule a visit to Cebu Marriott as early as NOW!



International Lunch Buffet

Monday – Friday
12:00 – 2:30 PM

PHP 499 net per person only (regular rate PHP 850)

Flavors or Asia – International Dinner Buffet

Monday – Thursdays and Sunday
6:00 – 10:30 PM

PHP 649 net per person only (regular rate PHP 1,200)

Great Room Lobby Bar
Mondays to Sundays
6:00 AM to 11:00 PM

*Enjoy a food and beverage 20% discount on total bill

Pool bar
Mondays to Sundays
6:00 AM to 11:00 PM

*Enjoy a food and beverage 20% discount on total bill


I highly recommend to try their cocktail of the month at the Palm lounge. You may also want to have yourself some booze for the night either of your favorite MOJITO (white rum), or DAIQUIRI (white rum and lime juice), or try their Bacardi Old Fashioned (aged rum) if you want something strong. But for a flirtatious kick while killing time, try their Long Glass (concoction of pineapple and white rum) cocktail.

Ready for our DIY cocktails at the Palm Lounge

Since you have read this blog post, you too deserve a treat! Of course, where else, but with Cebu City Marriott! Let me know your dining experience or your chill moments after enjoying the SPECIAL DISCOUNTS I’m giving to you by commenting below. Give me some love! 🙂

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Wok’d Thai Take-Out

Name of Business: Wok’d Thai Take-Out
Location: Ground Floor, Streetscape, Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City
Type of Food: Thai Cuisine
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Over-all place: Casual dining place with an industrial modern interior design w/ an open kitchen
Contact: +63 32 268-4933
Zomato: Yes

Cebu Food Blogger: Let me start this by saying, “I love Thai foods”. How much more if it’s authentic and it’s just located near to everyone? I would definitely visit the dining place everyday or perhaps, have their dishes delivered to my love nest. Wok’d Thai Take-Out is situated nearly at the heart of Cebu city in Banilad (refer address above). I’m certainly hooked to some of their traditional Thai recipes that is served fast and fresh. The restaurant also promises a potent blend of sights, sounds and scents.

Would you like to know what are my top picks? There are new to the ear but there’s also something old from your favorite Thai dish. When you visit Wok’d, make sure to tag along someone or two of your closest friends as their servings are really generous (good for two or three). Really worth the penny.

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Out of the three dishes I tried. I highly recommend their PAPAYA SALAD. It’s all made fresh from green papaya, carrots, peanuts, tomato and chilli dressed with tamarind and fish sauce. I would advise to inform the waiter to set the spiciness to “mild”. If you want it so hot, they will adjust it accordingly.  However, you can still have the option to try their CURRY PUFF. Their THAI FISH CAKE is a bit spicy for me maybe because of the red curry paste mixed with it.

Papaya Salad
Curry Puff
Thai Fish Cakes


If you want something traditional and more known Thai soup, then try their TOM YUM, of course. I find it really good, though, not the best tom yum soup here in Cebu. It is still worth to enjoy with your palate. I just thought it needs to be a bit “sour”, maybe one level notch. Personally, I’m totally fine with what they have.

Tom Yum

For those who wants to load their carbo intake, they serve CHICKEN AND SEAFOOD LAKSA. I find it quite spicy. But it really tasted good. I would order it if their tom yum is not available.

Chicken and Seafood Laksa


I’ve got two recommendations if you’re not a soup-based fan. Their CHICKEN & CASHEW NUTS and GARLIC PORK & PEPPER are two of the stir-fried dishes I enjoyed. Chicken breast is used and they seasoned it with their homemade secret sauce. For the pork, they used pork cutlet with garlic and definitely seasoned with their homemade secret sauce too.

Chicken and Cashew Nuts
Garlic Pork and Pepper

If you are a beef-fan. I would suggest you order the THAI BEEF W/ CHILI AND BASIL. However, I just thought the taste is ordinary for me. But then again, everyone is different. Your taste bud is different from mine.

Thai Beef with Chili and Basil


When you are visiting a Thai restaurant, it’s a must that you should try their PAD THAI! I thought the SEAFOOD PAD THAI is the best among the dishes they served me that time. It has a perfect blend of fresh lemon, chives, seasoning, peanuts, seafoods, vegetables and their homemade pad thai sauce. It’s definitely a staple in any Thai dining place. And Wok’d aced it!

Seafood Pad Thai

I also discovered and thus, highly recommend that you order their PAD SEE EW.  This dish is new-sounding to my ear and it tasted really good! Flat noodles are used and it has chicken, prawn, egg, vegetables, homemade oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce. Imagine the blend of sweetness in this noodle dish.

Pad See Ew

If you prefer thin noodles, their SINGAPORE NOODLES dish is something you can try. It doesn’t look nice but hey, it is yummy! And I think I love it as well! See? You really need to work that tongue for it.


You can’t leave a Thai food house without even trying their signature curry dishes. At wok’d, I’ve tasted their MASSAMAN BEEF W/ ROTI and I instantly like it. The beef is so tender. And yes, you have to eat it with the ROTI.

Massaman Beef w/Roti

If you’re a fan of green curry, you may want this combo seafood and chicken with vegetables in yellow curry paste and coco milk. It’s called GANG GARI. It doesn’t sound enticing to me, because it reminds me of something yucky. It sounds like Gang*****.  Hahaha.. Don’t mind it. The taste is really authentic curry.


GAI YANG is a marinated chicken breast fillet grilled to perfection. It is best paired to the papaya salad. I actually like it and would order it when I get back to Wok’d.

Gai Yang

For those who prefers to eat fish, they also have GRILLED SALMON (Norwegian salmon). One suggestion though, eat it when it’s fresh from the grill to enjoy the freshness taste of the fish, else, you won’t appreciate this dish.

Grilled (Norwegian) Salmon


If eating in groups of two or three, I highly recommend their CHICKEN AND SEAFOOD FRIED RICE. It’s not that flavorful and it plays well with all their Thai dishes. So you will still enjoy the taste of each menu.


Dining in a Thai restaurant would require you not to only drink water but I highly recommend you get milk tea. At Wok’d, I had THAI MILK TEA. It helps in cleansing my palate with those flavorful and spicy Thai dishes I’ve tried and  I certainly enjoy each symphony of flavors from my plate. If you are lactose-intolerant, they can serve you TRADITIONAL THAI ICED TEA but I find it really sweet with an after-kick on the throat. So, maybe you will stick with water or colas.

Thai Milk Tea
Traditional Thai Iced Tea

Let me give you some snapshots I took with its interiors:

A view from the dining area
An open kitchen
The taking a snap of the Grilled salmon dish
Could you guess that map?
Wok’d displays Thai sauces and condiments
Food preparation at Wok’d Cebu

I think I’m done. Have I tickled your appetite to try some Thai cuisine today? Let me know…


Rico’s Lechon Newest and Biggest Branch

Name of Business: Rico’s Lechon Newest and Biggest Branch
Location: Axis Entertainment Avenue, Vibo Place at N. Escario St.
Type of Food: Lechon (Roasted Pig), Pinoy Food
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: Industrial design with huge mezzanine
Zomato: Yes

Cebu Food BloggerDays ago, we went to the newest and biggest (so far) branch of Rico’s Lechon. Rico’s Lecon open its biggest branch in Escario.

An early Christmas present awaits to all lechon lovers out there. Cebu’s best lechon place, Rico’s Lechon will conquer central Cebu as they open their newest restaurant on Thursday, December 8, in N. Escario St.

Rico’s Lechon opens the door of its third and largest branch ahead of the holiday season. The newest home of the best lechon can now be accessible to Axis Entertainment Avenue, Vibo Place at N. Escario St. just a few minutes away from the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

The brand new hub for all occasion is a two-storey facility that features 100-seating capacity dining area and another 100-seating capacity function room. The expansion does not only cover the venue but the menu as well. Apart from its main attraction, which is their signature lechon, the restaurant also offers a wide array of Filipino dishes.

Enrico “Rico” Dionson, founder and chief executive officer of the chain restaurants, recognized the increasing demand of their lechon and events booking in Mactan and Mabolo branches. Bringing Rico’s Lechon closer to the heart of Cebu City would not only accommodate more customers but also reach out to those who may find it hard to access the first two branches.

Opening this new bigger branch of Rico’s Lechon is one way to say thank you to those who continuously patronize our product. We want to give all Cebuanos and tourists more accessible place to try our best lechon and show them that we have more special dishes to offer as well. Now, friends, colleagues, and families can all come and enjoy.

In February, Rico’s Lechon opened it second restaurant at the Mactan Promenade in Lapu-lapu City. The 90-seater restaurant is just a few meters away from the Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA).

Rico’s Lechon in Axis Vibo Place is open daily from 8AM to 10PM for take-out; 10AM to 10PM for dine-in. In addition to dining in and takeout, it is also available for private events. For more information please visit our website


After the overwhelming success of Mövenpick Hotel & Resorts’ vanilla-inspired savory menu in Europe, the Swiss-based hospitality group rolled out this menu at their properties in Middle East, Asia and Africa, and that includes Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu.

From February 21 to March 21, 2017, enjoy Vanille Salée, a six-course vanilla-inspired menu at The Sails Restaurant. Six one-of-a-kind vanilla-enhanced dishes carefully prepared by Mövenpick Cebu’s Executive Chef Christian Bouby will surely delight your senses. Each dish were subtly reinforced with a flavor of vanilla to give it an exquisite and exotic character.

Vanille Salée

Vanille Salée

Vanille Salée

Vanille Salée

Vanille Salée

Vanille Salée

Vanille Salée

Enjoy Vanille Salée at Php2,650 nett at The Sails Restaurant of Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. For reservations and inquiries, please call +63 32 492 7777 or email



Estancia de Lorenzo dishes


Our Bowls

50/50 champorado
50/50 Champorado (120 php)

You can have the 50/50 Champorado for breakfast or dessert.  It’s called 50/50 because it has 50% oatmeal and 50% brown rice.  It has a nice rich creamy layer of chocolate on top of the oatmeal and brown rice then meringue frosting and served with a cookie.   

From the Greenhouse

taro bamboo shoots
Taro + Bamboo Shoots (150 php)

The Taro + Bamboo Shoot is an interested dip dish.  I love the ingenuity.  It’s also very addictive! The dip is a mix of many ingredients:  taro leaves, bamboo shoots, confit garlic, taro root chips, sour cream and cheese.  It is served with grilled crispy flat bread and buttered toasted bread. 

edl house salad
EDL House Salad (180 php)

The EDL House Salad is one of the best salads I’ve ever had!  It has a perfectly cooked runny organic duck egg, pulled duck bits, roasted beet cubes (I know I’ve stated that I dislike it but I ate every piece I got because it blends well with the salad), pomelo bits, sweet potato chips, santan flowers, mixed greens and tamarind vinaigrette.  It’s so good that even non-veggie lovers will praise this!

Our Boards

estancia duck burger
Estancia’s Duck Burger (200 php)

The Estancia’s Duck Burger is an organic thick duck patty with local greens, pickled onions and aiolisandwiched between potato buns.  It is served with their Papaya Ketchup (or Sriracha if you want it spicy like me) and mixed fries.  The sweet potato buns are soft and moist!  The duck patty is very savory and tender to chew.


They make their own fiery Sriracha and sweet Papaya Ketchup!  Both are really good.  But since I enjoy the hot stuff, I liked their Sriracha more.  It’s so good they can these by bottles.

Classic Farm Breakfast (includes 2 free range eggs any style and garlic fried rice)

estancia duck tapa
Estancia’s Duck Tapa (180 php)

Every one was exclaiming oohs and aah with glee over the Estancia’s Duck Tapa.  I’ve always been a tapa fan but never have I encountered duck tapa before.  Wow!  It was really good!  This is definitely a must try.  The texture is like meat and the blend of flavors is simply delightful.  This one hefty meal too.  Ladies can opt to share this.

free rang chicken tocino
Free Range Chicken Tocino (160 php)

The Free Range Chicken Tocino is also good.  It’s not too sweet and the chicken was tender and juicy.  But if you’ve tried the Estancia’s Duck Tapa, this will just be the next best thing.  But if you’re a fan of tocino dishes, this is for you.

From the Pond

Tilapia + Shrimp Gyoza (140 php)

The plating of the Tilapia + Shrimp Gyoza is so beautiful that I almost didn’t want to eat it.  But, a bite of the gyoza made me want to swipe this plate clean.

Tilapia + Shrimp Gyoza (140 php)

I’ve tried a lot of gyoza before (beef, pork and chicken) but my golly this Tilapia + Shrimp Gyoza
has left me stupified.  Just by the look you could tell that it’s cooked with precision promising a wonderful crispy and softness in every bite.  The ground tilapia and shrimp is very tasty.  They are in perfect harmony with the mango butter, sour cream, shriracha cashews and sweet potato curls.

Smoked Tilapia Fish Cake (180 php)

To eat the Smoked Tilapia Fish Cake, you crush the smoked tilapia fish cake until it crumbles into grinded bits and mix it together with the green onions, 64 degrees poached egg, linguine pasta in red sweet seafood tomato bisque.  It also has crispy tilapia skin flakes on the side.

Beer-Battered Catfish (180 php)

Steering away from the usual Fish and Chips, Estancia offers the Beer-Battered Catfish laid on top of a squash brown cooked like a roesti and swimming in a pool of coco cashew cream with sayote tops and crushed cashew.  It’s the first time I’ve tried a catfish fillet.  What a great idea!  I’ve always loved catfish and I’d certainly prefer it over the dory.

Duck Ragu Bolognese (250 php)

Rarely do I encounter a ragu pasta dish.  Boy am I glad they have the Duck Ragu Bolognese.  Yes, its a linguine pasta with less tomato sauce as its emphasis is to bring out the bold flavors of the ground duck meat complemented by the lightly salted duck chicharon.  It also comes with fried battered squash blossoms.


Pandan Cheesecake

The Pandan Cheesecake is to die for!  A taste of this wonderful masterpiece will make you hear the trumpets of heaven.  It’s a rich, smooth, creamy and slightly dense pandan cheesecake served with a scoop of ice cream, sweetened kamias, macaroon bits and meringue. 

I rarely insist on ordering drinks.  But, really you have to try at least one of their drinks.

House Blend Iced Tea
Pandan Water

This is the best Pandan Water I’ve tried yet!  This even beats the specialty beverage Pandan Tea of Ilustrado.

Chili Mango

The Chili Mango will definitely capture the hearts of spicy lovers like me.  The combination is so nice because the refreshing sweet note and fiery spice is a nice contrasting yet equally balance and matched duo like fire and ice or like yin and yang.

Cucumber Basil

The Cucumber Basil is another must try!  This a refreshing drink is so cool and cleansing that you’ll enjoy every sip.

Tomato and Orange

The Tomato and Orange is a very nutritious beverage that will boost your immune system.  It is served with syrup so you can make it sweeter depending on your preference.  I’m a frequent tomato juice drinker so I’m used to the taste of tomatoes so I enjoyed it even without syrup. =)

Dalandan Lime Soda

No, this is no mojito.  The Dalandan Lime Soda is a mocktail perhaps as it is a nice sweet fizzy citrus drink.
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Korean Cuisine in Manila


678 korean bbq manila

As soon as we ordered, we were served their complimentary brown rice tea.  Then, our server sets our charcoal griller and fills up the sides with red bell peppers, onions, sweet corn with mozzarella cheese and raw egg.  It’s the first time we’ve encountered a griller designed like that.  Later on, as the meats are grilled, the oil will spill on the sides adding flavor to them.

678 korean bbq manila
678 Lettuce Salad and 678 Veggie Salad

We were expecting the typical banchan to be served instead we were served the 678 Lettuce Salad and 678 Veggie Salad…

678 korean bbq manila
Complimentary Soup, Raw Onions, Gochujang Sauce and 678 Secret House Sauce with Wasabi

Complimentary Soup, Raw Onions, Gochujang Sauce and 678 Secret House Sauce with Wasabi.  The Complimtary Soup with Daikon in Vinegar base was something odd and new for me.


678 korean bbq manila
Fresh Cut of Pork Belly (350 php)

We had no idea on what to order so we just ordered everything suggested by our server starting with the Fresh Cut of Pork Belly served with a daikon.  Our server took charge of the entire grilling process and even thought as how to enjoy every dish.  As you can see, the thick pork belly was initially placed on a flat slate.

678 korean bbq manila
Fresh Cut of Pork Belly (350 php)

Then, our server got a grid where our 150 gram of Fresh Cut of Pork Belly was grilled further.

678 korean bbq manila
Fresh Cut of Pork Belly (350 php)
678 korean bbq manila
Fresh Cut of Pork Belly (350 php)

Soon, it was all sliced and ready to be eaten.  The egg on the side is cooked as well taking a custard form.

678 korean bbq manila

Eating it is different from other samgyupsals according to the instructions given to us by our server.  First, we mixed the wasabi with the 678 secret sauce.  We dipped the cooked pork belly there  applied some 678 veggie salad and 678 lettuce salad.

678 korean bbq manila

This is how mine looked like.  All the components are refillable for free by the way.  Wow!  Their quality meat combined with their sauce and salads are so delicious!  I couldn’t stop myself from having more and more of it.  Surely, this is one of the best samgyupsal I’ve ever had.


678 korean bbq manila
Beef Bulgogi (500 php)

The Beef Bulgogi is served with three kinds of mushroom and lots of shallots.

678 korean bbq manila
Beef Bulgogi (500 php)

Since it has sauce, it is cooked in a wok atop the charcoal.  We really loved its tenderness and flavor.  It’s not overly sweet but a pleasantly flavorful making it great viand with rice.

Side Menu

678 korean bbq manila
Egg Wrap (Cheese) (200 php)

The Egg Wrap is filled with Cheese and laid on a bed of ketchup.  At first glance, it looks similar to the Japanese Dashimaki Tamago.

678 korean bbq manila

But, it’s different because it’s not flavored with soy and it’s closer to the American omelette because it’s filled with cheese, rougher in texture and more dense.  We loved this!

Meal Menu

678 korean bbq manila
Lunch Box (200 php)

The Lunch Box is served in this tin with a comical picture.

678 korean bbq manila
Lunch Box (200 php)

The Lunch Box comprises of rice, fried egg, kimchi, achovies, tofu, seaweeds and black beans.  So its basically a variant of a bokkeumbap (Korean fried rice dish).

678 korean bbq manila
Lunch Box (200 php)

The server then shakes it vigorously giving it a loud clunk before finally opening it and revealing this glorious delicious mess.  We enjoyed this new experience and if you love seaweed like us, you’d really appreciate this.

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Latin Comfort Food and Drinks


Platittos! (Small Plates/Starters)

Nacho el Gigante (375 php)

Better bring the whole gang if you’re ordering the Nacho el Gigante.  We failed to finish this.

Elote (195 php)

I never thought I’d love a char-grilled corn until I tried Elote.

grilled corn
Elote (195 php)

But, I’m still as lazy so I prefer Elote in this form.  It’s a brilliant idea for them to offer diners an option.

tittos wings
Tittos Wings (245 php)

The Tittos Wings is sweet and spicy.  A well-made combination of barbecue and chiptotle.

carne asado fritas
Carne Asada Frittas (245 php)

If I could have a bowlful of my favorites placed in a single dish, it would be the Carne Asada Frittas.  Let’s see it has grilled skirt steak, melted mozarella and cheddar cheese, molted egg and chimichurri.

gambas con setas
Gambas con Setas (P320)

Fellow mushroom lovers, let’s rejoice over addition of oyster mushroom chicharones.  I think that is what made the Gambas con Setas sensational for me. 

churrasco beef salpicao
Churassco Beef Salpicao (295 php)

The Churassco Beef Salpicao is a savory and garlicky treat with big chunks of tender beef cubes. 


Pollo Pizzadilla (295 php)

The Pollo Pizzadilla is an open-face tortilla with grilled chicken and pimientos bits drizzled with cheese, sour cream and chimichurri.  This reminds me of a crispy thin crust pizza but with its unique Mexican twist.

Street Tacos

street tacos
♥ Beef Barbacoa (145 php)

I love street tacos so I was quite delighted to try some again.  The Beef Barbacoa is my favorite among those we tried because of the delicious slow cooked beef belly bits.

sisig tacos
♥ Sisig (135 php)

The Sisig with liver sauce is simply irresistible.  Everyone adored this!

salted egg shrimp
Salted Egg Shrimp (145 php)

I could never have expected that the salted egg craze which is an Asian innovation could work as a taco.  The Salted Egg Shrimp is so good!

Paellera! (Paella)

paella de carne
♥ Paella de Carne Medio (395 php)

Perhaps the texture of the rice isn’t perfect but taste-wise, I couldn’t have wished for a more flavorfulPaella de Carne.

arroz negra
Arroz Negra Medio (495 php)

I love the surprising tinapa ingredient in the Arroz Negra.  This is a must try!

Entradas! (Mains)

pollo asado
Pollo Asado Mitad (Half) (340 php)

I wonder if there was just too many dishes but I don’t remember anything remarkable about the
Pollo Asado.  But, I highly recommend eating it with the sweet mango relish.

cuban baby back ribs
♥ Costillitas (310 php)

The Costillitas or their version of cuban baby back ribs is perfect!  A visit isn’t complete without it.  The price is so reasonable too.

hangar steak
♥ 18 Hour Gaucho Steak (480 php)

For men and meat lovers who crave for meat in every meal, the 18 Hour Gaucho Steak is of course a must order.


tittos mnl
Pineapple Ginger (95 php), Tamarind Cola (95 php), Cucumber Elderflower (110 php), Almond Horchata (125 php), and Tittos Iced tea (95 php)

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5D/4N COMBI!! SHARED Mountain Province & Vigan Tour Depart every Monday

From: 25,900.00

This 5 days tours is a  SHARED Tour is ideal for those who want to see as much as possible in a short time and of course this means more time in the car and less time available for sight seeing on the spot.

Included in this itinerary is the most popular adventure tour in Sagada, descending the Sumaguing cave and walking through the rice terraces of Batad. In and around Banaue you could be fascinated with the wonderful view of the man made rice terraces and feel the creep at the hanging coffins in Sagada and other scenic natural attractions. You will explore the the Northern part of the Philippines and experience the cold breeze of Baguio with spectacular views and embrace the heritage site of Vigan. It is one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines whose structures has remained intact, and it is well known for its cobblestone streets and a unique architecture that fuses Philippine and Oriental building designs and construction, with colonial European architecture.

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The lost villages of the Pyrenees

We're the Travelers

This was perhaps the best day of my stay in Spain. It was largely thanks to my friend who insisted that going into the mountains would be worth it.

The foothills dotted the horizon crowned by ruined buildings, and far in the  horizon we could see the snow capped peaks.


I learned a very important lesson on this trip. That I did not have to do the things I wanted to do on the trip in order to enjoy myself. Sometimes, letting others take the lead may result in better outcomes. The lesson is to LET GO. Sometimes life has surprises for you that are better than the ones you planned. 

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Our trip involved heading from Huesca towards Benabarre. Our destination was an obscure village of the name Casterlenas. The issue was that there was not much really in the way of information.


On the way there…

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