Temple of Leah: Cebu’s newest tourist attraction and our experience


One would think of being in Rome while standing and touching the large Roman columns and Greek-mythology architecture at the Temple of Leah. This huge mansion was built as a monument of Teodorico Adarna’s undying love for his wife, Leah. Two of the numerous highlight of the temple are- the Grand Stairs adorned with carved angels, and the 10- foot statue of Leah wearing a crown and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Since, it was summertime and our Professional Salesmanship and Psychology classes were cancelled, my classmates and I decided to spend the rest of the day at the Temple of Leah located at one of the mountain peaks of Barangay Busay in Cebu City.My classmates and myself decided to take public transportation to reach our planned destination. However, since the Temple of Leah is situated atop a hill and accessible only either by private vehicles or motorbikes, our group decided to forego our plan when we failed to get a bargain for an affordable fare. Unexpectedly, by God’s grace, one jeepney driver offered to bring us to our destination at an affordable charge of Thirty Pesos. So, we hurriedly hopped-in.

Once we reached our target, another setback arose- the Temple of Leah was not accepting visitors for some unknown reason. Having no choice, we decided to proceed to “Lantaw” and “Mountain View”…. to pass the time away and enjoy the aerial view of Cebu, Mandaue, and Lapu- lapu.


After satisfying our senses of sight and having no means of transportation, we slowly trekked down the mountain slope towards Lahug proper. While doing so, a “Good Samaritan” offered us all a free ride. Twice that day…God was with us and provided the group with unforeseen and unexpected grace!


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