The Mighty Inambakan Falls

Philippines is gifted with its beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent and pristine waterfalls which is popular among local and international visitors. The Philippines is lucky to have these gifts, and one of which is located in Southern Cebu- the mighty Inambakan falls, a must visit treasure. Inambakan falls is considered a hidden treasure of Ginatilan which makes it unique to the other falls.

How to get there

Ginatilan is 144.8 kilometers from Cebu City. Travel time can take 4-5 hours via bus or van for hire; depending on traffic and speed. Available tricycle and multicab is negotiable with a just price, to take you to Inambakan falls. It is 3.9 kilometers away from the town center and can be reached by small private vehicles. Knowledge of paths going there can be an advantage, so better hire local driver. From drop-off points you need to walk for 5 minutes to reach the falls. Be careful in trekking as the trail is wet and slippery.

Where to stay

Plunging into the cold water would probably persuade you to stay long and go swimming overnight. Unfortunately, Ginatilan’s tourist site remains undeveloped and has no hotel for visitors to stay but neighboring towns- a famous tourist destination has numerous hotels and resort which is kilometers away from Ginatilan, though time consuming for tourist.


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