City living is expensive. Essential needs has to be bought all the time. Everyone should spend money lavishly since foods serve in malls and fancy places are expensive. Some says ” Put a knife in your throat if you are man given an appetite”. But there are some foods served inexpensively that anybody can forget they are on diet.

Pungko-pungko is a style of eatery wherein all viands are on the table and customers pick their own choice of viand; is located in Fuente Osmena, Cebu City, offers a wide variety of viands of low prices, viands that can’t be bought in eateries and carenderia’s in the city. Surrounded with establishments of large to small scale businesses, caused a high food traffic, and visited by students from different universities and colleges within the vicinity and employees of nearby businesses, offices, and hospitals.

Pungko-pungko is a  Cebuano term, which is to squat, or sit in a low benches or just crouch down to eat which is located in sidewalks.  Pungko-pungko is characterized for its cheap, mostly fried food such as ngohiong (fried spring rolls), bola-bola (meat balls) and assorted parts of pork such as ginabot (pork intestines), utok (pork brain), tambok (pork fat) and dila (pork tongue).

We visit there if we have no output to comply or any activities, and seldom visit there since we need to allocate a big chunk of our daily allowance. We can probably spend 50 to 70 pesos with 6 puso or hanging rice, ngohiong, lumpia with softdrinks. Vendors offered spicy vinegar sauce and rely on customers honesty.



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