Cebu: Overall Package


Cebu ranked 6th best travel destination base on New York-based travel and leisure magazine, among the four island that is recognized by the magazine reader detailing in their experience in the place.

Historical sites

Cebu’s rich history goes for more than 400 years as the center of trade  not only in the Philippines but also to some countries in Asia. Historical sites are its solid proof which were preserved and have become major tourist attractions of Cebu Province. Historical churches and ancestral houses are still standing up to this date and monuments that commemorate people that contributed a lot in the society. To name a few, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral- typical Spanish colonial church architecture in the country, the Yap- Sandiego House- one of the oldest houses in the country, built in 17th century, Fort San Pedro a military defense structure made by Spanish and indigenous Cebuano’s under the command of Spanish conquistador. It is located in the now called Plaza Independencia, and the Magellan’s Cross at Magallanes Street was planted on April 21, 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan. It was here that the first Filipino Christians, Rajah Humabon and Queen Juana, along with about 400 followers were baptized.


Of more than seven thousand islands in the country. Cebu is located in Central Philippines  is a tropical and less than one hundred square miles in size, it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world because of its crystal clear ocean waters and an immaculately clean shoreline of powder-like white sands and one of the top diving destinations. Aside from its multi-colored living corals and fascinating marine life, perhaps its attraction lies in the fact that it’s a tiny, little isolated island whose tourism infrastructure and facilities are yet to be completely developed. It is said that if the first Spanish explorers, who more than 350 years ago arrived on the island, came today, they’d find it the same as when they first set eyes on it. It continues to stand the test of time with its incredible, unspoiled and unaffected white sand beaches and natural forests surrounded by the vast expanse of an aqua-blue ocean waters.



Mango Square is an area with a lot of bars and pubs, and a few strip joints on the further part of the avenue. During weekends a lot of foreigners love to come to this area-probably because picking up girls here is quite easier than would be picking one up in IT Park. Mango square usually attracts the middle to lower economic class markets while IT Park attracts the middle to upper ones. Drinks would cost you far less than other hangout places, but is affordable when you are a foreigner living in Cebu. Cebuano’s are the best of people to live with. The best area to experience the night life in Cebu. Since, this area is surrounded with lots of establishments and near to call center companies.



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