Mactan Adventure


It is really nice to enjoy the summer in the beach with family and friends, plunging in the crystal clear and cold water. Beaches in the city is contaminated with dirt that would cause skin rashes. But finding a beach which suit the beach lovers wants may be costly, time consuming and tiresome. From travel arrangement, pack-up to actual travel is head aching. Summer is fun but it is a time which all saved money will be spent. Travelers would be penniless, boat rentals cost us 4,500 for the entire day with free seafood. The expenses has probably reach to 10,000 pesos(more or less). Transportation is no problem since it is just in the city. Mactan Island is just few kilometers from the mainland Cebu. Everybody can overdose their selves swimming in the Mactan Island hopping. Also fish feeding in Olango Island is a plus points for the island hopping. Guide bring the tourist to beautiful swimming places if traveler has no knowledge where to go. Water rides can be enjoyed in Mactan. For some, swimming is normal, and it is considered as their home because it makes them relaxed, comfortable, and know their surroundings.


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