Cuyo Palawan


Philippines comprise of 7,641 islands with different tradition, culture, living and delicious foods and exquisite beauty of nature. With that huge number of islands tourist has an unlimited place to visit. Lets travel to the one of the favorite place to visit of the “Last Frontier of the Philippines”. A travel that you can remember for the rest of your life.

Cuyo is a fourth class municipality in the province of Palawan in the Philippines with 17 barangays. A house of Palawan’s great politician, haciendero’s, haciendera’s before the 20th century and is used to be the capital of Palawan before it is transferred to Puerto Princesa. It is the best place to visit if you want to escape from the vociferous city and rest from a stressful and tiresome job. There is a place for individuals who prefer exclusive stay which is far from the noise you are escaping. it have its famous sandbar and beaches for bourgeois visitors. Any adventure can be experienced here like other tourist destination in the Philippines. This can be reach via plane or boat.


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