Samar Offerings

Lulugayan Falls

A few kilometers away and more than 2 hours ride from San Juanico bridge is a town of Calbiga, Samar lies a falls that is now a new attraction of the town which lead to another way to augment income of the residents.

To reach the Lulugayan falls, tourist need to take a habal-habal and trek down for 15 minutes. Lulugayan falls have a clean and cool water. Its wideness cause to called a little Niagara falls of Eastern Visayas of the Philippines. It is one of a kind falls in Samar surrounded with lots of trees that will make it more natural and beautiful.

Torpedo Boat Extreme Adventure


Logging is illegal that’s why farmers have to find another way to feed their starving stomach and sustain another essential needs. From an intellect mind borne this torpedo boat extreme adventure. Visitors will get amazed with its thrilling ride bought by strong current of waters that will make you shout and make you wet specially in going back which is against the current.


Jiabong Samar is a mussel capital of the Philippines which offers a diverse recipe of mussel(tahong) such as tahong chips, tahong sisig, rellenong ┬átahong. But its signature cook is maruyang tahong – a snack which has a distinct taste.

It is just a few adventure and tourist attractions that Samar is now offering. It is undisputed that recovery and progress is noticeable in the province. Thanks to brilliant minds, individuals and organizations that mitigate the province transform it to lucrative one.

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