Wasted Chef

Past semester was very tiresome and stressful for us because we are loaded with tough subjects such as Income Taxation, Management Accounting, and Mathematics – our favorite subjects. Just kidding.

Before we leave the four corners of our classroom we decided to chill for a couple of hour and to relax through eating. Wasted Chef that time was newly open so, we decided to try their offerings such as burger, shawarma, shrimp and pasta. It was a worthwhile chilling moment for us, it would be totally awesome if we’re complete. But since, Gia is choosy we didn’t force her to go with us. To sum it up, our eating experience is great with 250 pesos even if their burger is funky. I still ate my piece to avoid additional payment since most buffet restaurant discouraged leftovers, and will pay for it.


American size experience

Pizza is the most famous dish in the entire Earth brought by  Italy- a home of modern pizza. In the Philippines lots of pizza restaurant tempted Filipinos in their small size serving and incomparable taste with those in Italy and other part of the world. S&R pizza lets every Filipinos taste it different from the usual with its american size and taste- a food lover that wants to experience. A single round pizza which is good for six person. We are all PG but we were not able to bottom it.



City living is expensive. Essential needs has to be bought all the time. Everyone should spend money lavishly since foods serve in malls and fancy places are expensive. Some says ” Put a knife in your throat if you are man given an appetite”. But there are some foods served inexpensively that anybody can forget they are on diet.

Pungko-pungko is a style of eatery wherein all viands are on the table and customers pick their own choice of viand; is located in Fuente Osmena, Cebu City, offers a wide variety of viands of low prices, viands that can’t be bought in eateries and carenderia’s in the city. Surrounded with establishments of large to small scale businesses, caused a high food traffic, and visited by students from different universities and colleges within the vicinity and employees of nearby businesses, offices, and hospitals.

Pungko-pungko is a  Cebuano term, which is to squat, or sit in a low benches or just crouch down to eat which is located in sidewalks.  Pungko-pungko is characterized for its cheap, mostly fried food such as ngohiong (fried spring rolls), bola-bola (meat balls) and assorted parts of pork such as ginabot (pork intestines), utok (pork brain), tambok (pork fat) and dila (pork tongue).

We visit there if we have no output to comply or any activities, and seldom visit there since we need to allocate a big chunk of our daily allowance. We can probably spend 50 to 70 pesos with 6 puso or hanging rice, ngohiong, lumpia with softdrinks. Vendors offered spicy vinegar sauce and rely on customers honesty.


Lansiao: An aphrodisiac food


In this contemporary era, lots of synthetic drugs can be bought over the counter to boost sex appetite and performance. Those drugs are designed to last long in sex. Men of old ages experienced erectile dysfunction. According to Herodotus, Father of modern medicine “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. So why buy such synthetic drugs with side effects if there is a food as substitute for those drugs.

As i sit on the table waiting the food to be served, I didn’t feel any excitement to taste the food. I find it nasty, maybe a reason of lack of excitement. Lansiao’s main ingredients are organs and testicles of a male horse and bull. It’s sticky and mild taste with a little bit spicy will probably make you order it over and over. Customers visits the restaurants just to eat and others are for some reason. Some says it really boost sex appetite but some didn’t confer its validity.