Cuyo Palawan


Philippines comprise of 7,641 islands with different tradition, culture, living and delicious foods and exquisite beauty of nature. With that huge number of islands tourist has an unlimited place to visit. Lets travel to the one of the favorite place to visit of the “Last Frontier of the Philippines”. A travel that you can remember for the rest of your life.

Cuyo is a fourth class municipality in the province of Palawan in the Philippines with 17 barangays. A house of Palawan’s great politician, haciendero’s, haciendera’s before the 20th century and is used to be the capital of Palawan before it is transferred to Puerto Princesa. It is the best place to visit if you want to escape from the vociferous city and rest from a stressful and tiresome job. There is a place for individuals who prefer exclusive stay which is far from the noise you are escaping. it have its famous sandbar and beaches for bourgeois visitors. Any adventure can be experienced here like other tourist destination in the Philippines. This can be reach via plane or boat.


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Lake Apo


Lake Apo is a crater lake and a pride of Barangay Guinoyoran in the city of Valencia, Bukidnon province in the Philippines, located in a hilly area about 640 meters in elevation, about 11 kilometers West Southwest of the town center. And is awarded as one of the cleanest lake in Region 10. Anybody can rent a raft going to the deepest point(80-100 ft.) of the lake for 300-450 pesos. A perfect place for individuals who find serenity with nature.

Certain businessman is accountable for its maintenance. Its lodge can accommodate 40 persons. Riding the floating cottage, horseback riding, kayaking,swimming,jet skiing can be enjoyed in the place.

Serenity and etc. can be attained through travelling for it is where everybody can reflect and enjoy the beauty of nature given to us which will transform sadness to happiness.

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Samar Watersport

Samar has been devastated by the Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013 caused the entire province to break down. The province is struggling to lift up Samar after the devastation, a circumstances that left nothing for the place. Now Samar is ready to accommodate visitors to experience their thrilling rides.

San Juanico bridge is created in 1973 one of the magnificent structure in the Philippines. Considered as the longest bridge in the country which connects the province of Samar and Leyte. The beauty of San Juanico is undeniable to become a tourist spot.

From a floating restaurant in San Juan, Samar, visitors will take a speed boat, the visitors will transfer to banana boat if they reach the proximity of the bridge. At the moment that the banana boat will pass beyond the bridge, visitors will be poured unto the water to complete the frightful though amazing water experience. This is one of the best way to promote San Juanico bridge and Samar and forget the sad past of the province.


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Vertical Bivouac in the Philippines

Yosemite National Park  is a famous outdoor activity located in the California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Famous for its gigantic Sequoia trees, Tunnel view, Bridalveil Fall, El Captain’s granite cliff and Half Dome. In the Philippines an existing site for vertical bivouac is in White Cliff, Quezon, Bukidnon, the first and only in the country. This White Rock wall serves as protector from the storms. It is situated at 150- meter ledge facing the national highway. The bivouac is approximately around 2 meters wide and 15 meters long and the ledge is 480 feet off the ground. Ascending using Single Rope Technique is a way to reached the site. Climbing will take 2-3 hours including rest. It has two ledges- the first ledge and the transition ledge that climbers need to pass before reaching the final ledge. This adventure is good for vigorous individuals and those who are not afraid of heights.







Uptown Exploration

Uptown Cebu is a famous place for its nightlife and many establishment like shopping plaza and many more. A modern traveling wherein visitors go to malls, and clubs every night, etc.. A  place where the  first urban zipline in Cebu is located and other adventures in the place like edge coaster, skywalk for anyone who loves sky experience and who are not afraid of heights. Any guest can reach the location via taxi, and public utility vehicle. No worries for the visitors since it is surrounded with hotels from quite expensive to economy class hotels and restaurants which offers good food and famous international cuisine. Cebu Business District and IT Park is just kilometers away. Mango Avenue is nearby for those who like social life and others. For religious, it is also near to Sto. Rosario Parish, Sacred Heart and many more including other denominations. Traveling doesn’t mean everything is thrilling, it depends on the visitors satisfaction.

Magnificent Simala!



Travelling is best thing to do to create memories, a worth to reminisce memories. It is said that the end is near, if that’s true then enjoy travelling to the fullest because travelling create friends and experience that any traveler would cherish for the rest of their life.  “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson. So, while there is enough  time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the structure of Simala shrine to meet the gladdest moment in human life.

Simala church is 57 kilometers away from Cebu City- a tourist attraction and religious place to meditate for Catholic devotees. Considered as a miraculous place said where the Virgin Mary appeared and performed some miracle, visited by professionals and board exam takers. It is believed that many lame individuals happened to walk after they asked the intercession of Mother Mary. The structure looks like a castle with its architecture since they keep on expanding it. Its expansion comes from donations of people who passed the board and bar exam, and those who are healed in their diseases. It’s location is on mountain top which gives visitors a view of the city. Visitors have religious encounter and enjoy the beauty of its structures and nature in one go.

Anybody can probably arrange a travel with rent for hire car or by public utility vehicle.

Mactan Adventure


It is really nice to enjoy the summer in the beach with family and friends, plunging in the crystal clear and cold water. Beaches in the city is contaminated with dirt that would cause skin rashes. But finding a beach which suit the beach lovers wants may be costly, time consuming and tiresome. From travel arrangement, pack-up to actual travel is head aching. Summer is fun but it is a time which all saved money will be spent. Travelers would be penniless, boat rentals cost us 4,500 for the entire day with free seafood. The expenses has probably reach to 10,000 pesos(more or less). Transportation is no problem since it is just in the city. Mactan Island is just few kilometers from the mainland Cebu. Everybody can overdose their selves swimming in the Mactan Island hopping. Also fish feeding in Olango Island is a plus points for the island hopping. Guide bring the tourist to beautiful swimming places if traveler has no knowledge where to go. Water rides can be enjoyed in Mactan. For some, swimming is normal, and it is considered as their home because it makes them relaxed, comfortable, and know their surroundings.

South Cebu Canyoneering

Canyoneering emerged as a new adventure in the south of Cebu visited by local and foreign tourist, featured in the television several times. This adventure start in Alegria Cebu and will end in Badian with seven level. Adventurers will jump at the end of the canyoneering in Badian where cool water awaits for visitors to plunge. But those individuals can probably quit if they can no longer overcome their fear. It is really an awesome adventure wherein visitors glide the wet cliff. No worries since they provide a knowledgeable tourist guide and gears for the visitors safety.

Hail El Nido Palawan

Ranked by Conde Nast Traveler as the top of the 20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the world. CNNGo also called it as the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines for its exquisite beauty.

Every traveler wants to enjoy everything in his travel as much as he can. Now, as the summer approaches every tourist is getting ready in packing things for vacation, locals or foreign visitors who wants to experience the beauty of nature in El Nido Palawan. A favorite shooting place for famous international and  local reality TV show franchise like Survivor and The Amazing Race and some scene of the hit Hollywood movie Bourne Legacy and etc.. El Nido offers an ample activities which tourist can experience such as hiking at the Taraw Peak for a bird’s eye view of the whole Bacuit Bay. Island hopping can be enjoyed here that would base on the chosen island tours which probably involve famous El Nido lagoon in Miniloc Island, and surfing, snorkeling. Beach lovers would also love the place because 0f its white sand beaches located in different parts of the town. Beautiful sunset can be seen through Corong-corong or Calaan Bay.

Top beaches in Cebu

Beach goers and lovers are seeking for the perfect beach to visit this summer. Some prefer white sand and a crystal clear water while other like virgin beach. I listed three beaches that is best to visit this summer. This list is in no particular order.

1). Moalboal


Most of the tourist activity in Moalboal is diving with its wide variety of marine life and other fish fishes. About a couple of kilometers away, Pescador Island situated wherein  scuba divers, snorkelers and free divers would love exploring the natural structure of the reef. It is 2 1/2 travel from Mactan Cebu International Airport to this little town Moalboal.

2). Badian

A perfect dive center for local and foreign diving enthusiast in the south bounded in the north by Moalboal-a famous site of rich in marine life and enthralling coral reef. Badian resorts are equipped with top diving gears. It is 103.5 kilometers away from Cebu City with exquisite  and breathtaking beaches.

3). Mactan Island


Mactan Island is connected to mainland Cebu by Marcelo Fernan bridge and Mandaue-Mactan bridge. Named by Conde Nast Travelers and Travel and Leisure as one of the top Asian resort with its classy, high-end Shangri-la Resort and Spa. Every visitors can enjoy jet skiing, parasailing, or windsurfing.